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* I hereby authorize HVMS, LLC dba Balanced Property Solutions to obtain information concerning my past credit, and/or tenant-landlord history. I hereby authorize any of the following sources, including but not limited to: landlords, public or privately-owned utilities, current or past creditors, governmental housing agencies, employers, police, and/or tenant-landlord history and/or employment history and/or police record. I hereby release any of the above sources, their officers, agents, or employees from any liability for damages of whatsoever kind nature whether caused by negligence or otherwise which may at any time result to be by reason of complicity with the above-mentioned inquiry which may include the answering of specific questions and the giving of any information concerning my past record. I understand that the application fee of $35.00(per adult) is non-refundable and that my application will be processed promptly. I have read and understood the rental guidelines. EACH APPLICATION SHALL BE PROCESSED UNDER THE TERMS OF THE EQUAL HOUSING STATUTES AND EACH APPLICANT SHALL BE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO INSPECT, SELECT, AND LEASE HOUSING ACCOMMODATIONS WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE, SEX, COLOR, RELIGION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, HANDICAP, OR FAMILIAL STATUS.